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2015 year update

Worrell Family 2015 update

            2015 is a year we will always remember as one where we dealt with a number of changes both in our lives. This year, I have started teaching Human anatomy and physiology at a local Community College.  I love teaching and have enjoyed the students.  Our daughter also experienced changes as she started the 8 grade at a new school.  Due to transportation problems, we had to switch schools at the last possible moment before school began.  She is doing well in her studies.  She also continues to play the clarinet in band, riding (and driving-cart) horses, playing tennis, and ice skating.  She made us exceptionally proud when she won a medal at the northwest regional ice skating competition!  She had a wonderful ice skating competition season and looks forward to next year’s season.  Last week, she performed in a Christmas ice skating show skating to “Home on Christmas Day”. She was so elegant and beautiful!  In February 2016, she will perform in her third professional ice show “Love is in the air”.  Lots of practices there!  We continue to play Tennis before school (at 6 am on the days she doesn’t ice skate) and having a blast.  Though, I seem to be getting beat now more often on the tennis court!  I am working with our wonderful tennis coach to hopefully keep these losses to a minimum! LOL!  This year, our daughter grew 7 ½ inches and turned 13!  We celebrated her birthday with a party at trampoline nation.  The kids had a blast jumping for hours especially in the “trick nation” section where they performed flips and very strange maneuvuers.  It made me tired just watching them!  How wonderful to be able to jump for hours and then eat cake and pizza!

In June, we lost my dad (86 yrs old) so this holiday season is hard as we remember his smile and miss him with each passing day.  However, the loss has brought us closer to my sister and her family, an incredible gift.  We spent a wonderful week this past summer with my sister’s family ending with an incredible weekend on their beautiful houseboat!  It is hard to comprehend that mom has been gone since 2007 and now dad has joined mom leaving us as the next generation. 

On the farm, we continue to raise cashmere, Shetland sheep, angora bunnies, and kiko goats.  This year, we have added a small grazing pig to our farm, the KuneKune pig (pronounced CooneyCooney).  These are small pigs with incredibly sweet temperaments (wonderful pets!) that graze and don’t destroy the pastures as regular pigs would.  We look forward to baby piglets later in 2016.  We also found a new llama to adopt (Panda) after the loss of our previous llama.  Panda is the sweetest boy ever!  Llamas help keep the coyotes off our farm and our baby animals safe. We also saw changes with our horses.  The horse that I bought in 2014, Reba who was a 5 yr old double registered American Quarter Horse/Paint, developed leg problems and we had to find her a retirement home.  We were lucky to locate another paint/arab gelding (Armaini) who I am having fun getting to know.  We also found a new horse trainer who is amazing and our daughter and I look forward to showing Armani and Lady in 2016.   I continue to gain strength in my legs but I am still dealing with knee pain now a year after my car accident.  Unfortunately, showing dogs is still not possible due to my knee problems.  This is heartbreaking for me as I have a lovely young bullmastiff girl “Caroline” who I am wanting to show.  But, I hope this will change in the future with the help of physical therapy.  I have located a dog handler who may have to help me this next year with Caroline.   Please check out our websites www.olwestfarms.com and www.olwestbullmastiffs.com  for updates (or facebook).  We hope 2016 is a wonderful healthy year for you and your family.

Love, Barbara

Ol West Farms


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She also continues to play the clarinet in band, riding horses, playing tennis, and ice skating.
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