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Shetland Sheep and wool
Shetland sheep come from the Shetland Isles.  They are a fine-wool producing sheep.  The wool of the Shetland sheep is very fine and excellent for blending with fine fibers like angora and cashmere.  Shetland sheep are gentle, sweet, wonderful personalities, and a smaller sheep which make them excellent for smaller farms.  Here at Ol West farms, we breed for the fine-wooled shetlands for blending with our other luxury fibers. 
Fine wool available as whole fleeces or smaller amounts on our fiber page.  Hats/scarfs and handspun yarns also available.
Sorry, all lambs have been sold for 2015.  More Lambs available spring 2016. 
See the cute lamb page! They are so cute!!!!!
Shetland ewes
Shetland ewes
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