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Hand knitted Hat and Scarf Sets
We have beautiful hand knitted Hat and Scarf sets made from our Cashmere, Angora, Alpaca, Fine-wool Shetland sheep and llama. 
Cashmere/angora/wool Knit hat and scarf set HS001
Cashmere/angora/wool blend, maroon/grey, hat with pink bow, scarf 6" wide, 53" long
Price: $100.00
Angora/wool knit hat and scarf
Angora/wool blend, purple/off-white/green/maroon, scarf 6" 74"long, hat with purple flower
Price: $80.00
Cashmere/wool knit hat and scarf
Beautiful Blue, white, and grey cashmere/merino wool hat and scarf set. Scarf is 70" long and 6" wide.
Price: $120.00
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